Sebastian Sadowski

UI / UX Design Data Visualisation


Mobile app for visualizing leisure travel based on GPS data and geo-tagged Pictures


An experimental app for matching and connecting people on events


Visualizing the European Union student exchange program and student flows


Generative design app visualizing the individual imagination of radio waves
I'm a Berlin-based interaction designer focusing on user experience design for digital services and products as well as data visualisation.

I am specialised in digital design for web, mobile applications and interactive installations with a focus on experimental, innovative interfaces and interactive visualisation.
I have been working for various design agencies and clients ranging from Bosch and Siemens to Red Bull to the Bertelsmann Foundation.

In 2014, I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Interface Design at the great University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, Germany.
You will propably finding me on a remote beach catching some waves in America or Oceania if I am temporarily not crafting digital products.
The press sometimes write about my work, e.g. The Huffington Post about "55 Charts That Prove Governments Are Increasingly Censoring Your Internet"

The Creators Project about "Who Knew Radio Waves Could Look This Good?"

Popular Science about "100 Years Of Meteorites In An Interactive Image"
or print magazines such as the Page about souvenir or the Weave about my sideproject
I'm the founder and curator of the Mobile Information Visualisation Pattern and the Interface Showcase.

I'm always open for a talk to share my gained experiences e.g. at the international design conference Typo 2014 about "Applied Information Design" or at the re:publica 2014 about our experimental app and installation
I have always time for a coffee. Feel free to connect with or contact me via